The Importance Of Maintenance For Your Bridal Website

As we live in the internet age, it is a safe assumption that your bridal business has a website. How effective that website is in attracting visitors, who in turn become prospects and ultimately clients, will depend on many factors. The first will be how much traffic the website gets via organic means, such as SEO or paid traffic programs, such as Pay Per Click on Google or Facebook, for example.

Once traffic reaches your website, it is a matter of how well it has been designed. A well-designed website will keep visitors there for a reasonable amount of time, will also be easy to navigate, and will ultimately have clear calls to action, such as telephoning your business or entering details such as a name and an email address.

Conversely, a poorly designed website causes visitors to leave almost immediately and confusion due to no clear navigational menus. It will also have unclear or no calls to action and possibly malfunction due to a technical or coding issue. This last problem can be the death knell for a website’s performance and in particular, its ranking on Google. The tragedy is that technical issues and other problems can so easily be avoided if only website maintenance was in place. Read More

5 Web Design Tips For Creating The Best Landing Pages For Your Landscaping Website

Landscaping business owners may have heard the term ‘landing page’ when discussing their current website or a new website a web design agency has been asked to create. Whichever of those two scenarios apply to you, it is important, not only that your website has one or more landing pages, but that they are effective.

If you have never heard of the term landing page before, they are a simple, single page on a website that visitors land on from another website or search engine. What can be troublesome is getting them to perform, and that will come down to how well each of the five web design tips below is implemented when your landing page is created. But, before we outline them here is a quick summary of why a landing page is beneficial to your landscaping business.

#1 – Encourages visitors to provide email addresses or telephone numbers and permission for you to contact them.

#2 – Can spur visitors to click through to another page within your website.

#3 – Can provoke visitors to decide they wish to make a purchase.

#4 – Can encourage visitors to take actions such as leaving a review or feedback.

#5 – Can induce visitors to recommend your website and the services offered therein to others. Read More

15 Essential Plugins You Should Install For Your WordPress Website Today

WordPress is the #1 CMS used to build websites for several reasons, including its ease of use and the vast array of themes that can be used to make every website built using WordPress unique. However, most users find the most helpful element of WordPress to be plugins.

Plugins are an app or software that can be added to a WordPress website that provides additional features and functionality. They can add this functionality either in the back end to make building and managing the WordPress site easier, or they can add it to the front end to benefit visitors to that website.

One slight problem, although some might say this is positive, is that there are so many plugins to choose from, and not all of them have the high levels of reliability that you want for your website. Thankfully, a core number of plugins have proved themselves, and today are some of the most installed plugins on WordPress, with many web designers considering them essential when designing a WordPress website.

To ensure you are aware of them, we have outlined fifteen essential plugins below, briefly explaining what each of them does. Note they are not necessarily in order of importance. Read More

15 Web Design Trends In 2023 That Top Website Designers Are Utilising

Just as cars, architecture, and fashion all have to change with the times, so does web design, which is why, if you were to look at websites created in 2003 and compare those created in 2023, you would see many differences. Some of those differences result from improved technology, some result from what it takes to get ranked highly changing, and most of all, the differences are due to inevitable changes in web design trends over the years.

To a great extent, the trends we are referring to will derive from how web designers now envisage how a website should appear. However, there will be other reasons. We have already mentioned technology and Google rankings, but in addition, mobile device use has had a big impact on web design, as does users’ expectations of what they expect to see and find when they land on a website today.

Some trend changes are minuscule and often barely noticed as they occur within the website’s coding, and others are wholesale, where they change entirely how websites are designed. There will also be differences in the importance these trends have to website performance. To give you an insight into what web design trends are currently to the fore in 2023, here are 15 that many top web designers are now including in their website creations. Read More

7 Proven Tactics For Jewellery Stores To Boost Their Customer Numbers

No matter what their store size, the number of stores they have, or their location, there is one thing that is common amongst all jewellers, and that is the desire for more customers. Without a steady stream of new customers a jewellers business, or indeed, any business, is on the retreat and ultimately may find itself in a position where it is no longer a sustainable business.

The good news is that there is no shortage of methods for a jewellery store to attract new customers, either through its doors or to its website. To help you seize those opportunities, here are seven tactics to attract more customers to your jewellery business.

PPC Advertising

For jewellers who want almost instant results, the main option for you is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. With PPC, you can advertise your jewellery business on some of the most visited websites online, such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube, often for no more than a few cents per click. You can also target your ads to specific audiences and completely control what you spend.

Social Media

There is no denying that social media sites have some of the largest audiences online and if your jewellery business does not embrace social media, then other local jewellers that do will have a huge competitive advantage over you. Read More