Why Branding Impacts On SEO, And How You Can Improve Yours

Branding is often regarded as nothing more than having a good logo and a catchy tagline. However, nothing could be further from the truth, especially regarding SEO. Effective branding can positively impact your SEO and ranking, just as poor branding can have a negative impact. With Google increasingly seeking to base their search engine results on user experience, it is no longer just enough to focus on the technical elements of SEO. By these, we mean things like anchor text, meta tags and keyword density, measured by crawlers and algorithms, and not real people. You also need to consider how your website appeals to those visiting. For example, do they stay on the website for some time, click through to other pages, or are they just there fleetingly and clicking away almost immediately? These are important to consider because data like this allows Google to measure how good or bad your website is about user experience. While there are specific actions you can take to improve this, such as increasing page load speed and adding more interesting content, you can also impact them by improving the branding of your website. Google has always regarded big brands as more desirable than nonentities, and while it may not be possible for you to compete with a global mega-brand, you can still impact your ranking by making your brand the best it can be. Google sees branding as a trust factor, and this is influencing their search results in ever-increasing ways.