The most important aspects of an  eCommerce website

The purpose of having a business website is not merely for an online presence. Having a website is an effective tool when it comes to advertising, branding, and more importantly, setting a reputation for your business. The following are some of the most important aspects of an eCommerce website. Graphics, Images and Copy-writing The single most important thing which will lead a customer to actually purchase an item or signup for a service is the allure of eye-catching graphics, photography and the impact one creates with powerful copy. Apart from an attractive website, having photographs for each individual product makes the decision making process of the customer a lot easier. When uploading product photographs, make sure they show every nick and scratch to instill trust in the potential buyer. After you’ve made sure you’ve got the perfect set of catalog photographs to represent your products online, the next step will be to focus on the copy which will accompany those products. For the customer, nothing is more annoying than finding a product they are interested in, only to realize that there’s not much information available on it. That being said, while your copy does not need to contain a raft of information on the product, it must be enough to answer some of the most important questions that the potential customer might have. Easy Checkout Why do websites make things complicated for their customers is a mystery? The sole purpose of having an e-commerce website is to get people to buy from your business. Making it hard for online visitors to find important buttons, such as the “Add to cart” or “Buy now” buttons is like giving out your business card without adding your phone number or email address on it. Not making things easy for the customer will almost always have the opposite effect on the purpose of an eCommerce website. Mark Downs, Freebies, and Free Shipping, Oh My! One of the few things that will make sure a person buys from your website and keeps coming back for more is if you include value added services such as providing free shipping options to certain locations. Positioning eye-catching banners that offer shopping deals, such as, sales discounts and freebies is another option eCommerce websites use regularly to attract new customers and keep old ones interested. Studies on online purchases have shown that people are ready to buy almost anything online if given at slashed prices. Including various delivery options is also a crowd favorite when it comes to getting customers interested in your brand. Have a Good Reputation? Show It! The small images one sees below all reputed websites are known as trustmarks. These small images of accreditation from third parties, such as, McAfee, VeriSign or BBB and so on provide customers with the sense of security that they need before they go ahead and make a purchase online. Besides, customers are more inclined to buying from websites where they know their private information will remain safe. So, these are just some of the tips which one can use to make their eCommerce website the number one destination for their customers. Improving one’s business website is a full-time process and doesn’t end with just a few tweaks, the further improve your services there are many online resources where one can find other tips and tricks to make your online shop sell.