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If the time has come for you to have a new website designed for your business, or if you are a new business and need your first website designed and built for it, there are certainly plenty of decisions for you to make. This is due to the fact that there are multiple options available for building your new website, and it is often deciding which one that constitutes the first big hurdle for many business owners to overcome.

At Slinky Web Design we have many clients come to us who are simply bamboozled trying to understand the many different website platforms which are available and as such, they are at a loss as to where to start. If you are in this position, then fear not as we are going to outline why you can narrow your search down to just one website platform, and that platform is WordPress.

WordPress is the platform upon which millions of websites have been created, and the team of expert website design professionals at Slinky Web Design have no doubt that it is the one which is most favourable for many reasons.

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WordPress Facts and Figures

Before we go into some details about the advantages of using WordPress to build your website and the many benefits it provides, it will be of help if we outline some of the facts and figures relating to WordPress in order to give you a sense of how popular it is with website designers and business owners.

  • WordPress Was First Released In 2003
  • 40% Of All Websites Are Built Using WordPress
  • Within The Content Management System (CMS) Marketplace, WordPress Has A 61% Share Of The Market
  • Recent Estimates Show That There At Least 75 Million Websites Online That Use WordPress
  • `Each Day At Least 500 New WordPress Websites Go Live
  • There Are Over 55,000 Plugins That Are Designed For Use With WordPress
  • There Are Over 5,000 Free Themes Designed For Use With WordPress
  • Every Month Over 400 Million People Visit Blog Pages On WordPress Websites
  • WordPress Is Used For 10 Times The Number Of Websites Joomla Is
  • WordPress Is Used For 9 Times The Number Of Websites Drupal Is
  • Notable Users Of WordPress Include CNN, UPS, Walt Disney Company, Reuters, Blackberry, And Rock Legends The Rolling Stones

You might also be interested to know that, despite its huge popularity, WordPress is not owned by any company, and is in fact a non-profit organisation, whereby the website building platform is based upon open source software. In other words, unlike Microsoft and Facebook, WordPress has no billionaire CEOs, and in the main, it is actually run by volunteer software developers and designers. GET A FREE QUOTE: (08) 6102 1222

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Why You Should Switch To A WordPress Website

Ease of Use

If you were to ask 100 website owners what they liked most about WordPress we are certain the majority would say they love how easy it is to use. Even for those who would not regard themselves as ‘techies’, once their website has been designed and built for them by Slinky Web Design, they find it a simple process to add pages or blog posts, and even if they need to make a minor change to a specific function, most can be done relatively easily.

You Have Complete Control Of Your Website

Following on from ease of use is the fact that as the website owner you have complete control over it, and that includes having multiple users whom you give specific access to your website. It could be you have a writer who can only add blog posts at one access level, and you have someone who maintains the website to whom you give access at a higher level where they can make more significant changes to the website as required.

You Can Access Your Website From Any Location

A benefit we know many WordPress website owners really appreciate is that with it being a browser-based CMS, they can access their WordPress website from anywhere in the world that has internet access. This can be an important advantage if you are on a business trip or on vacation, and something important needs to be added or updated on your website, especially if it is something which will impact on your customers and clients.

Your Website’s Design Can Be Customised

Whilst the core design of your WordPress website is likely to be based on a theme, a huge benefit of using WordPress is that all of the themes used with it are customisable. This means that Slinky Web Design can design your website on WordPress to exactly the way you want it to look, and we can customise it as much or as little as you wish us to.

Your Blog Is Ready For Use Immediately

You should be aware that having quality content on your website is vital, not only for visitor retention and user experience, but it also helps you to rank higher on search engines, especially Google. Blog posts are an excellent way to provide content for your visitors, and WordPress websites all have a built-in blog ready for you to post great content immediately. GET A FREE QUOTE: (08) 6102 1222

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Search Engines Like WordPress!

One of the greatest sources of traffic is search engines, with Google the leader amongst them by some distance. Using WordPress for your website is an advantage as Google likes WordPress sites for several reasons. They are easier for them to crawl, and thus identify what subjects the website is relevant for, and they tend to have more content than sites built on other platforms, and Google loves great content!

With these and the fact that it is possible to optimise your WordPress website for ranking using SEO, it gives your business a much better opportunity of out-ranking your competition, especially if you compete within a local marketplace.

Additional Functionality Is Possible Using Plugins

Whilst you can have a perfectly successful website built just on the core WordPress CMS platform, it is also possible to enhance many aspects of its functionality, security, SEO, and the user experience, using plugins. There are literally thousands of plugins suitable for WordPress websites and they each help to make your website provide additional advantages to your business.

WordPress Websites Can Integrate With Other Tools

Other than the themes and plugins which can be used on your website, using WordPress also allows for integration with other third-party tools, many of which can offer several benefits for your business. Examples include payment gateways which can allow you to take payments directly from customers, email marketing tools, and Google Analytics which helps you to analyse your website traffic and its sources.

WordPress Is Reliable and Secure

Two core requirements for your website to be successful are its reliability and how secure it is. WordPress ticks both of those boxes as it is one of the most reliable website platforms available, and as for security, not only is its base security good, but you can also bolster it with security plugins that help to protect your website from hackers and bot attacks. In addition, Slinky Web design has an enhanced security service which is available for those who want the top level of security. GET A FREE QUOTE: (08) 6102 1222

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Benefits Of A WordPress Website Design By Slinky Web Design

We appreciate that you could ask anyone to build your WordPress website for you, so why is Slinky Web Design building it going to provide you with even more advantages? Well, much of it comes from our core belief that when we build a WordPress for our clients we strive to make it the best it can be, from the first step to the second it goes live, and even then we will still be here to support you.

Our team of web design professionals includes expert programmers, skilled designers, experienced copywriters, and talented graphics experts, who work as a team so that all elements of your WordPress website’s design and creation come together to produce a website that you will be proud to put your business’s name to, and more importantly, will play a key role in the online success of that business.

In terms of our overall approach, we will first want to discuss with you what you want your WordPress website to look like, and what functions you wish to include. Once we have agreed on the plan, as we proceed we will keep you informed any time you wish an update, and to make that even easier for you we will appoint a website design coordinator who will oversee the work, and act as a single point of contact to make it more convenient for you.

Ready To Take The Next Step Towards Your new WordPress Website?

If by now you are keen to take the first step towards having a new WordPress website designed for your business then Slinky Web Design are keen to hear from you in order for you to tell us what your hopes are and to let us know what ideas you have for your new website. Our team of dedicated professionals looks forward to helping you have the website that your business deserves – so please get in touch today.