Top Perth law firm chooses Slinky

Summers Legal, one of Perth’s top commercial law firms has chosen Slinky Web Design to redesign and relaunch it’s online profile.

Starting with a complete new website design overhaul by the design team at Slinky Web Design – and closely overseen by our SEO gurus at SEO Perth Experts to make sure everything was 100% search engine friendly, Summers Legal are looking to expand their online presence and are thus expecting big things from Slinky.

Summers Legal can fully expect to be featured on our SEO Case Studies list very soon! Read More

Slinky Web Design awarded Absolute Cosmetic Medicine contract

Slinky Web Design offers a full  digital design and marketing service to small and large companies who want a digital presence, has today won a coveted contract from Absolute Cosmetic Medicine to ensure their business continues their high profile in the digital world now and in the years to come.

We are delighted to be able to offer our many digital marketing skills and services to this important company so they remain one of the most sought after clinics for cosmetic treatment in and around the Perth area.  They also offer remedial treatment for those who have had a bad overseas experience. Read More

4 cutting-edge technologies to speed up your sites | webdesigner depot

The internet is constantly making headway with speed being the major metric of progress and a key question for most web developers. A previous WebdesignerDepot article How slow is too slow in 2016? 

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Increase your business reach with branding

Transforming your business into a brand is the first step of corporate success. Have you ever wondered why customers tend to go for established brands in the market even though they can cost way more?

It’s simple – credibility and reputation almost always take an edge over cost. And this means that building a brand is highly important to stand out in the crowd and attract loyal customers.

Slinky Web Design offers the creative edge and interactive appeal you need to be unique in your market. Over the years, we have helped many businesses rise to the top of their industries with our extensive branding experience. Our brand managers specialize in strategic marketing and our expertise is just what you need to get noticed and shine!

Just tell us your idea and we will make it a reality! Be it a corporate logo, website design or a revamp of your complete web identity – we can offer it all!

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Landing pages for conversions

Good Use of Colour

The landing page is the page that a potential customer/client first goes to when they visit your website. So it can be the home page or a landing page specifically designed for a marketing campaign. It can also be inner pages of your website.

It is one of the most important parts of your website and can determine whether a customer is going to stay on the site or leave. This is why so much effort is put into the design in order to make sure that your bounce rate is kept low and the conversion rate continues to grow.

While it’s no secret that colours play a major role in the decision making process when considering a product or service, many marketers fail to understand this element during the web design process. This may lead to low conversion rates with very little explanation about the reason for the reduced numbers. In fact psychologists believe that the colour may have a 60% hand in engaging a customer.


Before we begin talking about colours, we need to talk about contrast. The human eye directs naturally towards colours in contrast. This can be delivered in two ways. Read More