Paul Wray
03:34 26 Feb 19
I was very confused about what I wanted on my website when I was first looking to build my website. The staff at Slinky Web Design were able to simplify it for me and helped me understand what I was signing up for. The design phase was easy for me, and the over all web design looks so professional! I have to say, I am delighted with what has happened with my business since signing with Slinky Web Design. My business levels have boosted and the investment was well worth it! I would recommend the Team at Slinky Web Design Perth to anyone looking to have the best website in their industry! Thank you so much, from, Paul
Kane Currans
04:07 12 Feb 19
I am really pleased with the professionalism and perfection in the work done by Slinky Web Design in Perth. They made sure to include all of my meticulous requests but also made sure to make it the best website I've ever had! Just love working with them and will continue to choose them as my number one web design company!
Darcy Bird
03:53 05 Mar 19
I am based in Perth, so when I was looking for a new website, I was trying to find a local designer. I was recommended Slinky Web Design by a friend and I am so pleased with the results. I absolutely love my website and the professionalism from the designers. =Darcy Bird
Beau Holt
04:15 31 Jan 19
The best web design company in Perth! The team at Slinky Web Design worked hard to create the most professional website that aligned with my requests. The results were amazing. Thank You Slinky Web Design!
George Cooper
04:14 19 Feb 19
After having some troubles with another company, we moved to Slinky Web Design, and they have been amazing. Their design work was amazing and service is professional. I will continue to be a recurring long term client!
Thomas Stewart
06:05 07 Mar 19
From scratch, the team at Slinky Web Design Perth, were able to build we a professional modern, and up to date website so quickly. The communication between developers and my company were amazing. Slinky Web Design were able to include all of our requests. I would definitely recommend them!
Lachlan Abbott
04:32 29 Jan 19
Slinky Web Design in Perth designed a really professional and sleek website for my business. Really happy with the job they did, and the service they provided. If I ever need some changes or another website, it will be with the team at Slinky Web Design!
Jimmy Pieterson
02:43 04 Apr 19
Slinky Web Design Perth provided professional support when they built my website, and their ability to spend so much time with me was unbelievable. I would recommend their work to anyone!
Dwight Kurt
07:01 07 May 19
I was unable to make my meeting, but spoke on the phone to Peter, he was very helpful with creating even the most minute detail changes on my website for me. Fantastic service from Slinky Web Design! -Dwight
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