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Professional SEO Services in Perth

Slinky is one of Perth’s most experienced SEO agencies. If you are looking for a professional SEO agency in Perth – we can help!

We use a data-driven approach to develop customised strategies tailored to each client. Our SEO services include keyword research, on-page optimisation, technical SEO, and off-page optimisation.

We work closely with our clients to ensure their websites are optimised for search engines and their target audiences.

By improving their website visibility (rankings) in search results, we help our clients attract more qualified traffic and generate more leads and sales.

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What Can SEO Services Do For You?

With our search engine optimisation (SEO) services, you will appear at the top of Google’s organic rankings when someone searches on Google for products and/or services that you offer. This is the most cost-effective, long-term online marketing strategy for any business.

When choosing a company to undertake professional SEO services for you, it is important to check their track record carefully. Check out their clients and make sure they are legitimate. If they need to send you spam emails or have call centres call you on the telephone – think again before you engage them. They will likely do you more harm than good.

One very important thing to remember with SEO services is that you will generally get what you pay for ie; if you pay little, you will likely get little in return. An investment with a trusted SEO company in Perth should deliver a superior ROI.

Good SEO offers the most cost-effective, long-term online marketing strategy for any business.

With our professional SEO campaigns, we don’t aim to get you ordinary search engine results – we aim to get you premium search engine positions only and, more importantly – a worthwhile Return on Investment (ROI). We don’t settle for anything else.

First, we analyze the words people will use to find products and/or services such as yours. People often use completely different keywords and phrases than business owners imagine. Our SEO keyword analysis will tell us exactly what they use to search for businesses like yours and how often they use them.

Analytics software is essential in understanding how your website is performing and how your website users are interacting with your website. This is why we set up your Google Analytics for Search Engine Optimisation on your website, which is the best analytics software available. We add the tracking code on your pages as part of our SEO services.

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Getting Traffic To Your Website.

There are several ways in which you could attempt to generate traffic, but the one which has been proven to be the most effective, and the most sustainable is search engine optimisation (or SEO).

SEO is the means by which you get search engines, and in particular, Google, to recognise your website as one which deserves to appear at the top of searches for specific keywords which relate to your industry and your Perth business.

Now, it is one thing knowing that you need SEO for your Perth business for your website to rank well and thus generate visitors to it, but another to achieve that goal.

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The Importance Of SEO

Businesses need SEO expertise because to be successful online; they need to be able to rank for specific keyword searches.

When the Google algorithms we mentioned assess searches and where websites will rank, there are hundreds of factors they take into account.

Whilst the results when any person searches appear instantly, the work to rank the websites which appear can take several months.

Although that might sound like a large hurdle to overcome, it is an advantage because once the SEO work is done and a website is ranked highly in the search engines, those high rankings can be sustained for a considerable time. As such, the traffic that your website might receive if it is ranked near the top of each search result will be considerable.

An example of this is the data relating to how much traffic the websites ranked on page one for any search receive as a percentage of those searching for a single keyword.

The first page of a Google search will account for 92% of the traffic, page 2 around 5%, and beyond page 2, the other 3%. In effect, it means that unless you are on page 1, you will barely see any traffic from Google.

Furthermore, on page one, the website at position #1 will get almost 25% of the traffic, position #2 around 21%, and position #3 around 14%. As for positions #4 to #10, they share the remaining traffic ranging from about 2% to 8%.

You do not have to be a mathematical genius to recognise that being in one of the top 3 positions makes a huge and positive difference to the amount of organic traffic that Google will be sending you, and the key to achieving this is SEO. GET A FREE QUOTE: (08) 6102 1222

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