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WooCommerce is a top eCommerce application for WordPress websites.

Our web design team in Perth can design and develop a WooCommerce website for you today.

No matter what type of business you own or run, there must come a point in the whole process where your potential customer or client decides to purchase your product or service, and as that transaction occurs, you get paid. There are many ways this can occur, and one that is hugely popular with those businesses that wish to transact online is to have a WooCommerce website.

In effect, WooCommerce turns your website from one where potential buyers can browse and learn more about your products to one where they can take out their credit card and make a purchase. Hopefully, you will see that the advantage of this is that, rather than the customer having to take further steps along the buying process, at which time they may start to change their mind, them being able to satisfy their need to buy your product immediately. GET A FREE QUOTE: (08) 6102 1222

That is just one of the many benefits of having a WooCommerce website, and if you do not yet have one, then Slinky Web Design can design and build one for you. Obviously, before you ask us to do so, you will want to learn more about WooCommerce websites and why they are so popular with businesses that sell their goods and services online. You may also want to know more about Slinky Web Design, so let’s explain more about both. GET A FREE QUOTE: (08) 6102 1222

WooCommerce Facts And Figures

If you have never heard of WooCommerce before then you will be curious to know why Slinky Web Design believe WooCommerce provides businesses who wish to sell their goods and services a huge number of advantages over other platforms, and it is not just us who think that way. If you consider just how many businesses operate online using WooCommerce, you will start to appreciate why WooCommerce websites are so popular.

Here some facts to prove this.

  • The First ‘Woo’ Theme Appeared In 2007, With WooCommerce Launching In 2011
  • WooCommerce Is Open-Source CMS Software Which Is Fully Customisable
  • At Least 4.5 Million Websites Worldwide Use WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Accounts For 28% Of The Internet’s E-Commerce Market
  • WooCommerce Is Second Only To WordPress In Terms Of CMS Usage Online
  • WooCommerce Operates Via A Free Plugin Designed For Use With WordPress
  • WooCommerce’s Plugin Is The Most Used On The Entire Internet
  • Around 8% Of All Websites Online Use WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Has Over 1,250 Different Design Themes
  • There Are Almost 1,000 WordPress Plugins Designed Specifically For Use With WooCommerce
  • 94% Of Online Stores Built Using WordPress, Use The WooCommerce Plugin

We are sure you will agree these are impressive facts about WooCommerce, but numbers and statistics alone are not the only reason why business users choose WooCommerce when they ask Slinky Web Design to build their websites. Instead, it is the many benefits that using WooCommerce within the design of their website provides, that take them in that direction. So let us look in more detail at why WooCommerce is the top choice for websites.

All Things Nice - WooCommerce eCommerce Website

Why Choose WooCommerce For Your Website?

It Is Free

As much as it may surprise you, just like WordPress, WooCommerce is completely free to use. There are no upfront or monthly fees for its usage, which cannot be said for other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or Magneto. Obviously, you might have other costs related to your website, such as the cost to design and build it, hosting, and payment processing fees, but as for WooCommerce, it will cost you zero dollars.

Themes Allow For Design Customisation

No matter how great the products you sell are, without an online shop window that is visually appealing, not as many people are going to click through to find out more about them and, subsequently, buy them. With the theme options available for WooCommerce and Slinky Web Design’s web design professionals able to customise them for maximum effect, you have the perfect combination to create a stunningly beautiful website that attracts visitors and converts them to buyers.

Lots Of Extensions To Enhance The Functionality Of Your Website

While Slinky Web Design would be able to build you a custom website on any platform, if we do it with WooCommerce on WordPress, it opens up a whole raft of new options for you to have a website with multiple functions and features that benefit all. For you, it provides the functions you need to maximize your return on investment from your online store, and for your website visitors, it provides them with an enhanced experience that bodes well for future sales. GET A FREE QUOTE: (08) 6102 1222

WooCommerce Is Secure

Even though WooCommerce is an open-source platform, the team behind it works tirelessly to ensure it remains highly secure at all times. To achieve this, they provide regular updates to counter the latest threats from hackers, and this, combined with the security protocols within WordPress, helps make your website as safe from online attacks as possible. Slinky Web Design can also offer you an enhanced security service that can fully integrate with WooCommerce and WordPress.

It Can Help Boost Your SEO

With WooCommerce being integrated with WordPress, you are giving your website the possible chance of improving its ranking on the search engines. Google is a fan of WordPress and is more likely to establish what keyword searches you are trying to rank as a result of using WooCommerce where clear product descriptions are possible. If you wish to enhance your SEO further, Slinky Web Design can include this service as part of your overall WooCommerce website design package.

You Can Sell Any And All Products In Your Range

We can only imagine the variety and range of different products that everyone who reads this will be selling, and this diversity is what makes what we do so enjoyable. With us designing a WooCommerce website for you, we are able to include for sale just about any product you wish, whether they be physical products or digital ones. We can even set up memberships and subscriptions, should they form part of your business model. GET A FREE QUOTE: (08) 6102 1222

WooCommerce Perth Websites

You Can Analyse Your Website’s Performance In Detail

They say, ‘knowledge is power’ and that is certainly true when you are running an online store. You being able to analyse the data relating to traffic, conversions, and visitor actions is crucial to making the changes that will improve your website’s performance. Thankfully, WooCommerce can operate in conjunction with other plugins and analytics tools so that you have as much knowledge about your online business as is necessary to help enhance it on an ongoing basis.

WooCommerce Can Connect to Other Tools

When you have an online store, it does not exist or function in isolation and that is why WooCommerce websites have an advantage due their ability to connect to and integrate with other tools and third-party websites. Which ones specifically obviously depends on the type of business you have, but examples include shipping services, logistics services, payment processors, customer service tools and marketing tools, such as email marketing autoresponders.

Why Slinky Web Design Building Your WooCommerce Website Gove You An Advantage

There is no denying that there are many agencies and individuals you could approach, and ask to build you a WooCommerce website, and we’ll even grant you that they might do a decent job. However, when it is Slinky Web Design that you are entrusting the design and creation of your WooCommerce website to, the whole project gets taken to another level.

This occurs not just because we have a professional team of experienced programmers and designers, and that our skilled copywriters, content writers, and graphic designers are some of the best in the business, but the approach we take to it makes a huge difference too.

We do not simply see you as a customer for whom we have a website to build. Instead, we appreciate that website is going to play a huge role in the success of your business, and thus our mindset is such that we have a huge role to play in helping you achieve that success, and as such we strive to excel in its design.

From your first contact, through the planning of your WooCommerce website, its design, creation, testing, and all the way up to the day it goes live, we dedicate ourselves to making it the best we possibly can. Throughout the whole process, we are happy and willing to hear from you, and to make that even easier for you, you we allocate you a dedicated web design manager who is your single point of contact.

Rest assured, your web design manager, and their entire team, will be striving to make your WooCommerce website something you can be proud of. More importantly, Slinky Web Design will build you a website that functions well, looks great, and best of all, helps to convert visitors to your website into paying customers and clients.

Let’s Get Started

Hopefully, you are keen now to give your business the many advantages that having a WooCommerce website generates, and so it is time to take the next step. All you need to do is get in touch with Slinky Web Design and let our dedicated team of experts know what you wish your website to be, have, and look like. GET A FREE QUOTE: (08) 6102 1222