How To Optimize Your Website Images For SEO

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Optimize Your Website Images For SEO

It should be safe to assume that your business website contains images, and if it doesn’t then the question has to be, ‘Why not?’. Images are a great way to engage with, inform and entertain customers, but what many website owners don’t realize is that images can also play a role in onsite SEO. More… Read more »

4 Reasons You Need Responsive Web Design

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design seems like nothing more than a fancy new buzzword being floated around a lot these days but really it is just talking about a concept that is simple in nature. It is all about making sure that everything on your website functions optimally across all the major devices through which people are accessing… Read more »

Why Branding Impacts On SEO, And How You Can Improve Yours

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branding and seo

Branding is often regarded as nothing more than having a good logo and a catchy tagline, however, nothing could be further from the truth, especially when it comes to SEO. Effective branding can have a positive impact on your SEO and ranking, just as poor branding can have a negative impact. With Google increasingly seeking… Read more »

Web Design Trends Over the Years

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Web Design Trends

At the very thought of the phrase ‘Web Design Trends’, people can instantly form a link with visuals from back in the day when the internet was just a fledgling thing. All those shiny buttons, HTML based websites, and the GIFs that made up the websites in the days gone by might make you cringe… Read more »

Sam Sorgiovanni Signs With Slinky Web Design

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Sam Sorgiovanni

While all our web design contracts are coveted, Sam Sorgiovanni is a contract we are delighted to have in our pocket. One of the World’s premier yacht designers Sam Sorgiovanni and his company Sorgiovanni Designs is updating their online profile to be inline with their World class yacht designs. Our skills and experience in the… Read more »

Slinky Picked By Kreepy Krauly As Digital Partner

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Australia’s #1 brand of automatic pool cleaners, Kreepy Krauly has picked Slinky Digital as it’s digital marketing and design partner. Kreepy Krauly systems are manufactured from top quality materials and are widely considered to be the most robust and reliable of all the automatic pool cleaners available on the Australian market today. The Australian-made, Kreepy Krauly… Read more »

Jordan Love Racing Retains Slinky

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Jordan Love

Exciting Australian Formula 4 Champion, Jordan Love has chosen Slinky Digital to design and implement his online marketing presence. From racing in karts from the age of 9, Jordan started 2015, competing in F1000 in WA where he currently holds the track lap record at Barbagallo Raceway. Jordan raced 4 rounds of Formula 4 in… Read more »