We’re Sorry, There’s Nothing To Report In Tech Lately But Politics

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We really, really miss technology news. Tutorials on how to do cool new things, demos of awesome gadgets, interesting advice on how to tap the Internet market. Alas, those days are gone – oh bare, ruined choir, where late the sweet birds sang! Now it’s all politics, politics, politics, nor any other story to report.

  • The US is going crazy about SOPA and PIPA, two anti-piracy bills that threaten web freedom. It got so extreme that the English Wikipedia blacked out for one day.
  • The EU is going crazy about ACTA, a similar anti-piracy bill with similar restrictions.
  • Twitter is censoring their content, because of copyright takedown notices. They can’t even fight this, there’s nothing they can do.
  • On our own home turf, AU is going crazy over Clean Feed. Ours is the longest battle; it’s stalled but still pending. But Clean Feed is about content instead of copyright.
  • There’s a group called “Reporters Without Borders” which publishes a list of most Internet-hostile countries. These are all countries that censor the Internet for some reason or another.

We could go like this all day. But all this is squeezing every other kind of news off the web. We’ll try to keep a sunbeam in our corner, though.

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