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Although the saying 'evolve or die' might well apply to the natural world, it is most certainly applicable to the world of business.

The advice is that unless a business adapts to changes that are happening in society, technology, marketing, and within the business sector within which they operate, it is going to be left behind, and ultimately go under.

There are countless specific ways in which a business on the Gold Coast may take steps to ‘keep up’ as it were but given the increasing influence and significance of the internet in the everyday lives of each one of us, having a professionally designed website that provides the means for that business to positively represent itself online, most certainly ranks as one of the most important.

At Slinky Web Design Gold Coast we speak to business owners every day who come to us looking for help. One of the main reasons they do so is that they have become frustrated that their current website is not only failing to produce any of the benefits that it should, but worse, it is actually dragging their business down.

The good news for these business owners, and for you if you too feel that your current website design is not up to scratch, is that at Slinky Web Design Gold Coast we have a skilled and experienced team of website designers and programmers who know what it takes to plan, design, and build websites for businesses that are proven to provide a raft of benefits.

Those benefits range from better branding, greater customer loyalty, improved Google rankings, increased conversions, enhanced profits, and one benefit that all our Gold Coast clients love, is that it helps them to beat their competition. We will explain these and the many other benefits a new professionally designed website will provide in more detail further on.

First, we are going to give you an overview of the differences between having a new, professionally designed website built for you by a professional website design agency such as the dedicated team at Slinky Web Design Gold Coast, and having it built in other ways, which might seem cheaper at first, but in the long run can cost your business a lot more than just dollar amounts.

  • Multiple Delays
  • Deadlines Not Being Met
  • Lack Of Communication
  • Few, Or No Progress Updates
  • Extra Costs Being Added
  • Poor Design
  • Work Incomplete
  • Website Does Not Function As It Should
  • No Warranty So No Refund

We are sure that if you had to deal with these over the period of time it took from your order to your website being completed (if at all), you would be fairly irate, and we would not blame you. Unfortunately, this is exactly the experience many business owners and CEOs of Gold Coast businesses have suffered, but it gets worse.

Even if the website is completed, if it has been designed and built by someone who does not have the skills, experience, resources, and dedication to doing the best for their clients, then the longer-term damage to a business can include any and all of the following.

  • Copyrighted Templated Used – Possible Legal Action From Copyright Holders
  • Copyrighted Content (Text, Video, Images) Used – Possible Legal Action From Copyright Holders
  • Pages Load Slowly
  • Visitors Click Away Almost Immediately
  • Poor Online Reviews
  • Reduced Conversion Levels = Lower Revenue = Lower Profits/Potential Loss
  • Business’s Brand Is Damaged
  • Local Reputation Is Tarnished
  • Loss Of Existing Customers/Clients
  • Your Competition Benefits By Default

We obviously have no way of knowing exactly what kind of monetary figure you would put on the damage caused to your business by any of the above happening but whatever amount it is, surely saving a few hundred dollars on a website design is not worth the potential thousands of dollars your business might lose as result.

Logic tells us that if the website has been professionally designed, looks great, and functions perfectly, the experience will be positive, and thus their view of the company that owns that website will be positive. On the flip side, with a website that has been done on the cheap, looks hideous, is a nightmare to navigate, and often crashes, the person’s view of that business is going to be extremely poor.

We hope what people think about your business, is something that is important to you, for the simple reason it can determine whether they wish to become your customer or client. However, apart from a poor website denying you the opportunity to turn prospects into paying customers, there is a long list of hammer blows your business can suffer due to it having a sub-standard website.

These issues can occur as the website is being built, and while these might not impact the day-to-day operation and performance of your business, they almost certainly will prove to be frustrating and time-consuming for any business owner or CEO waiting for their new website to go live. Examples are: “Cheap Now, But A High Cost Later” and “The Damage A Poorly Designed Website Can Do To Your Business.”


Web Design Gold Coast
Cheap Now, But A High Cost Later

Every business owner and CEO on the Gold Coast wants to ensure that their business makes a profit, and one of the crucial ways this is achieved is by keeping costs low. Paying less for raw materials, premises, services, equipment, and other expenses means that profits are enhanced once all the revenue and costs are calculated.

Now, there are some costs to a business where it makes sense to get them as low as possible, and there are other costs where it makes no sense. These costs are those for items or services which will make a huge positive difference to that business, and at the top of that list is the website which the business has.

If you try to cut corners and have the main focus of the web design being ‘the cheaper the better’, then, unfortunately, any perceived saving you are making now, is going to be lost in other ways many times over. Apart from missing out on the benefits good website design can provide, a poorly done website design can actually be detrimental to your business in several ways.

The Damage a Poorly Designed Website Can Do To Your Business

With the increase in internet use that we mentioned previously, often the first impression, and in some cases the subsequent interactions a person will have with a business, will primarily be via that company’s website. Whether it is one visit to the website, or several, each time that individual’s perception and opinion of the company is being influenced by their experience of that website.


Immediate Benefits Of Having Your Website Designed By The Professionals At Slinky Web Design

From the last paragraph, you will see that we have clustered the impact of poor web design into the short-term immediate results, and those which have a longer-term effect. You will want to know what those long-term ones are, and we promise we will explain them in full detail, but it is also important to compare the short-term impact of having your website designed by cheap amateurs or by professionals.

When we say cheap amateurs, that is in no way meant to be disparaging to every freelance website designer. Many of them work hard and do the very best they can to serve their clients. However, there are also those who will take your money and then produce little or nothing close to what could reasonably be called a well-designed website.

What most of them lack are the resources needed to genuinely plan, design, and build a website that any business in the Gold Coast would be proud of. At Slinky Web Design we have designers and programmers who have many years of experience, the skills needed to make the websites they produce exceptional, and they also have access to tools, apps, and software that are essential to creating high-quality websites.

In addition, we have built a reputation that we are proud of, and if you read some of the testimonials from our previous and existing clients, you can see how that has been earned. Everyone at Slinky Web Design is dedicated to not only retaining our reputation for excellence, but also to adding to our list of satisfied clients those Gold Coast business owners and CEOs for whom we design and build websites in the future.

How Will Slinky Web Design Gold Coast Do All That?

Well, by offering the same high level of service and professionalism we have offered to every other client we have served. This starts from the very first contact we have with you, which will be primarily for us to hear what your thoughts and wishes are with regards to your new website design.

From there we will take your ideas, couple them with our experience and design skills, and then create an outline of the sort of website design that we believe will benefit your business. Once you tell us to proceed we will work diligently to create that website, and if at any time you would like an update, have a query, or even if you would like to make any changes, then simply call us and we will be happy to discuss these with you.

Once your website has been fully tested to check everything is in order, only then will we sign it off as ready to go live. If you need hosting we offer that as a service, or if you already have hosting, we can upload your website to their servers. In effect, from that first contact with us, until your website is live and working for you, we will be at your service.

The Internet Keeps Growing – Will Your Business Grow Too?

It is safe to say that the business world has moved a long way forward from the days when having a website was optional, although it is also true that many businesses still retain the same website that was first built for them 15 or 20 years ago. Given that technology relating to websites and how they function is moving at a quicker pace than ever before, even some websites that are 5 years old might be in need of an upgrade.

The fact is, whether you have a brand new business that needs its first website built or an existing business that needs a new website designed to replace the current one, having a professionally designed website from Slinky Web Design will bring you many benefits.

Part of the reason for that is actually outwith our control and by that, we mean the way in which the internet has evolved in recent years. This has been added to by the recent pandemic where in order to maintain contact with loved ones during the lockdown, many people used the internet more than before, and some for the first time ever. This phenomenon exists as much in the Gold Coast as it does anywhere else.

Even before Covid, the use of the internet, and the ways in which the internet played a part in the lives of people, were increasing exponentially. Many of the actions and transactions that were once only ever done offline, can now be done using the internet. Take one example which is the growth of online shopping which has risen to the point where 4 trillion worldwide purchases were made in 2020.

web design gold coast
Why A Professionally Designed Website Is Essential For Your Business

The effect of the internet today is such that our lives and many of the things that we do on a day-to-day basis are such that accessing the internet has become second nature. Now, whenever people are thinking of buying something, whether that is a product or a service, they start their journey online, and in many cases, it continues online until they buy.

That online journey may include researching products and services, researching Gold Coast companies that supply those products and services, making comparisons, seeking out reviews and testimonials, completing a contact form, and in some cases, the actual purchase may also take place online, such as on eCommerce websites, which Slinky Web Design can also design and build if that is what you require.

Even on websites where the purchase does not actually happen, the decision to purchase or not will be heavily influenced by the website of the business in question. If that website is poorly designed, the chances of a sale are greatly diminished, but if it is professionally designed, then that person is much more likely to become a client or customer.

So, we have to accept that the shift to people carrying out most of their buying activity from the first idea through the decision to purchase online, means a business needs to have a strong and positive online presence. That may take several forms, such as on social media, but above all of them, is their website.

As well as a website serving this critical function of giving a business its online existence and means of coming into contact with prospective customers and clients, there are numerous other ways that a professionally designed website from Slinky Web Design will positively influence the success of a business in the Gold Coast. We are sure you are keen to learn what they are, so please read on and your curiosity will be satisfied.

Compliments Your Online Marketing Activities

The adage ‘build it, and they will come’ does not normally apply to websites and anyone who thinks that by simply placing a website online you are suddenly going to see hundreds of visitors every day, is sadly mistaken. Getting traffic to a website is a core element of having success online, and the possible means for that to happen comes under the umbrella of online marketing.

Online marketing takes many forms which include social media, paid advertising, and SEO, to name but three, and the correct use of them can make a huge and positive difference to the amount of traffic your website achieves. However, that will only bear fruit if the website has been designed properly.

Even if your budget for online marketing is huge, it will certainly not hit the levels of success it should do if your website does not complement those activities. On the other hand, a professionally designed website will not only support your online marketing activities but will also enhance them in a significant way.

Web Design Gold Coast
Google Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

One of the online marketing activities we mentioned in the previous section was SEO, which has the primary purpose of helping websites to rank higher in search engines. As Google accounts for about 70% of all search engine activity, it is their ranking algorithms that most SEO is focussed upon, and why the ability to rank highly on Google is given such a premium.

We could fill 100 pages with just the bare bones of SEO, and even then, because Google does not publish chapter and verse about how it ranks website pages, there will still be many aspects of SEO upon which there is some debate and even some argument amongst SEO experts.

What is not disputed though, is that the quality of a website can have a positive or negative impact on Google rankings depending on how well, or how poorly, it has been designed. This is due to the fact that Google places a huge emphasis on the quality of its search results for its users, and thus it wants to make sure the search results it produces are the best they can be for those users.

It will measure activity on a website if someone has clicked through to it from a search result, and so whether or not someone clicks away almost as soon as they land is a factor, as is the length of time they remain on that same website. Obviously, a website that functions well and is well designed is going to have more positive results than one that looks a mess and fails to load quickly.

You Have A Website Which Functions Properly

A business traveller might take 50 flights a year but will only ever mention the one flight that was delayed by an hour. Similarly, it is the restaurant that served them that one poorly cooked steak out of dozens that a diner will mention. Although it might seem unfair, it tends to be the things that go wrong with respect to an experience a customer may have with a business that they will talk about most, rather than the good ones.

The same applies to websites that are poorly designed and do not work properly. Someone online might have visited lots of websites and not really paid much attention to any of them, but if the next one they land on is yours, and it fails to load, is difficult to navigate, or it crashes whilst they are there, they will note it, and then be all too happy to warn others not to visit.

This is why you need to ensure that any new website that has your business’s name on it is one that has been built by expert web designers and programmers, such as the ones that we have at Slinky Web Design. Not only will they use their expertise whilst the site is being created but they will fully test everything rigorously. That way when your website goes live you can be 100% confident that it will function as it should.

Mobile Device Compatibility

It has been suggested that as the human race evolves eventually everyone will have thumbs five times the size they are now due to the vast increase in the use of mobile devices. Whilst we doubt that very much and believe the suggestion is more an amusing observation than any serious prediction, it certainly speaks to how much we all use mobile devices today.

Whether it for communication, gaming, social media, operating one of the thousands of apps that exist, or making online purchases, our mobile phones and other handheld devices almost seem like an essential extension of ourselves. If you have ever panicked when you could not find your mobile phone before about to leave your home or office, then you know what we mean.

This reliance on our mobile devices means that we use them to access the internet and so any website which is visited must look normal in terms of the layout and graphics, and it must function properly on a mobile device too. It is incredulous to us that there are still some businesses that to this day still have websites that are not mobile compatible.

Mobile compatibility is made even more necessary when you consider that the balance between mobile and desktop use of the internet now favours mobile and that applies everywhere. That means the majority of Gold Coasters, many of whom might be your future customers and clients, are more likely looking for your type of business online using their mobile device than their desktop computer.

This is yet another benefit of having Slinky Web Design Gold Coast create your business website as we build it to be compatible with every conceivable device that might possibly access it online. That will include us fully testing its compatibility and will also cover ensuring that all graphics and images render properly on mobile devices.

Improved Website Protection From Hackers

For all the great things which the internet offers, it too mirrors the offline world due to the fact that online there exists crooks and cheats. The crooks employ a number of ways in which they operate, and their number one target is any website that has poor security. A poorly protected website is like a store that never locks its doors and has no CCTV nor alarm system.

Now you might be asking ‘What could a hacker steal from my website?’, and in many cases, there may not be much for them to gain, but there is certainly plenty you could lose. They might render your website unusable, and that may not always be a temporary situation as many a website has been hacked, never to be seen again.

Other situations can arise where hackers demand a ransom to release your website from a malware attack, a hacking attack can adversely affect your Google ranking, and possibly worst of all, is the threat of customer data and information being stolen from a website.

A professionally designed website built by Slinky Web Design cannot stop every possible attack, but it can certainly ensure that it is not an easy touch, and better protected than if it was built using a cheap template. In addition, if the online security of your website is a particular priority for you then speak to us about our enhanced website monitoring service which takes your website’s protection and security to the next level.

Your Business’s Brand Is Augmented

The prioritisation of branding may differ from business to business and depending on the specific business category a business is in, the importance of branding may differ from negligible to critical. Whichever point on the scale that branding is for your business, we hope you agree there are no obvious downsides to having a strong and positive brand, that past, present, and future customers can identify that business with.

For those that have a keen desire for your branding to be strong, you will be delighted to know that your website can assist in making it even stronger, and it can form an integral part of the website that Slinky Website Design creates for you. Colour schemes, fonts, graphics, imagery, and content can all help to make that brand identity stronger.

Part of the imagery we just mentioned will certainly include your company logo which we would look to position in some key places throughout your website. Incidentally, if you need a new or updated logo for your company, please ask our team about our logo creation service.

Trust In Your Business Grows

Trust on a personal level is something which one cannot put a price on. What possible monetary value can there be for the trust a friend, a family member, our partner, or our spouse has in us. That kind of trust simply cannot be bought.

When it comes to the world of business trust is an extremely valuable commodity, and although your company accountant may not be able to say how many dollars trust in your company is responsible for earning, it is surely going be a lot more if a majority of people trust your company.

Gold Coast Website Design

A business can build trust in lots of ways and we are sure you, and the people who work within your business, undertake many of these every day. The interactions you have with clients, your levels of customer service, and the quality of your products, are but three possible examples.

Your website can also play its part in helping to build trust, especially with those whose interactions with your business take place online. Their first impression when they see a well-designed website, a website that does not bombard them with pop ups, a website that is easy to navigate, lots of useful content, and of course, testimonials and reviews from existing customers, are just some ways your website helps build trust.

Your Business’s Links With The Gold Coast Are Enhanced

One of the key goals for any Gold Coast business should be to ensure that anyone who is looking for a local business to provide the products or services which that business provides, is in no doubt about that business’s Gold Coast credentials. By credentials, we mean that the business is seen as local to the area and focuses on serving the local population.

If you were to survey most consumers the vast majority will tell you that they would always prefer to deal with a local company than one that is not, and that will be the case in the Gold Coast as much as it is anywhere else.

A website designed and built for your business by Slinky Web Design Gold Coast will certainly ensure that there can be no doubt about your business being one that is local. It can be done in many ways and including ‘Gold Coast’ in large letters on one or more of the website’s pages is certainly the simplest.

We can also include your local business address, maps of the local area pinpointing your location, include images from Gold Coast landmarks, and most importantly, have testimonials and reviews clearly marked as coming from your Gold Coast clients.

Visitors Have A Better Experience

Here, we are talking about a user’s experience of your website, and whether they have a positive one or a negative one. If a visitor has a poor experience of your website, apart from the possibility that they tell others, there is also very little chance that they will become a customer of your business.

Alternatively, if they land on your website, can find what they are looking for easily, and that experience gives them an overall good impression of your business, then the next step they need to take to get closer to purchasing is going to be a lot more likely to happen.

That might not necessarily mean they buy on the next step, but it could mean they call you, complete a quote request form, or leave their details on your ‘Contact Us’ page. There are many actions that they might take, but all of them rely heavily on their experience thus far with respect to your website.

Obviously, the better your website functions and the more appealing its appearance is, the more likely it is that any visitor to that site is going to feel they want to proceed further. A website built by Slinky Web Design will have many elements which we know help to make a visitor’s experience of that site a positive one thanks to our years of experience of building websites for businesses and knowing what works.

You Advance Ahead Of Your Competitors

When we speak to our existing clients and ask them with how much a positive difference the website we have built for them has made to their business, one answer that we get time and time again is the fact it has allowed them to challenge and beat their competition here in the Gold Coast.

That will occur in many ways, but it is often what our clients hear from their own customers that proves this point. They are often told that it was their website’s appearance that gave the customer more confidence to go ahead, or that they found the website easier to navigate, or simply that the website highlighted that the business was a local Gold Coast company.

Every single way in which your website puts you ahead of your competition might seem like a small victory, but add them all up, and more to the point, think about when your prospective clients and customers are adding them all up, and the answer they get is that they want to do business with you and not your competition.

Revenue And Profits Both Rise

Unless you run a charity or have more money than you will ever need, and are simply in business for fun, your business needs to make profits, or otherwise, it will eventually become unviable and sadly have to be closed down.

Every benefit that we have detailed thus far which your business will receive by having a professionally designed website built for you by Slinky Web Design Gold Coast will have a positive impact on your business. Whatever form that positive impact takes, ultimately they are all designed to lead to an increase the profits that your business makes.

If you think about each of those benefits, they play a part at some point in that journey a person will take from starting their research online with regards to a product or service they are thinking of buying, all the way through to the point where they have purchased it and are now your customer.

Depending on what kind of business you own or run, some of those customer journeys will be relatively simple and straightforward, and others will be a lot more complicated, with the timescales from start to finish taking weeks or even months. While these differences exist, one thing that is common to all of them is that each individual business’s website will have influenced the outcome.

That could mean your professionally built website from Slinky Web Design provided one of the benefits below.

  • Complimented Your Online Marketing Strategy
  • Improved Your Google Search Engine Rankings
  • Gave You A Website Which Functions Properly
  • Had Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Improved Protection From Hackers
  • Augmented Your Business’s Brand
  • Grew Trust In Your Business
  • Enhanced Your Business’s Links With The Gold Coast
  • Gave Visitors Have A Better Experience
  • Put You Ahead Of Your Competitors
  • Helped Revenue And Profits To Rise

Whilst not minimising any of the others, it is the final benefit on that list which all the others feed into, and having a business which is increasing its revenues, and in turn, its profits, is surely what every business owner or CEO is aiming to achieve. With increased profits your business is on a sound footing, investment in it is possible, its long-term future is assured, and it can go on to even greater successes as it grows.

Our Team Are Ready To Serve You

Given all the benefits we have outlined above, we hope you are now keen to add your name to the list of delighted clients that Slinky Web Design Gold Coast has helped by building their business a website using the skills and experience our team of designers and programmers have.

To take the first step you simply need to fill in your details on our ‘How Can We Help You?’ page which you can go to by clicking this link: https://www.slinkywebdesign.com.au/contacts.

The Slinky Web Design team look forward to helping you, serving your business, and ensuring that we deliver you a professionally designed website that helps your business to become the success that you wish it to be.

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