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Don’t Let the Loss of Important Data Cost Your Business Dollars Opt For Our Managed Backup and Recovery Service Today

Data recovery is actually the most important constituent when it comes to managing your website online.

Preserving everything from site information to user data is critical for your brand integrity to stay intact and your business operation to continue smoothly.

At Slinky Web Hosting, we realise the importance of data protection. Losing data can dramatically impact your revenue and sales figures for a long time and even be a fatal blow to the reputation of your business. Without a comprehensive mechanism in place, you may end up spending a large share of resources recovering data lost due to any glitch, whether it’s accidental or malicious.

Reduce Risks and Restore Data

Reduce Risks and Restore Data with a Click

Slinky Web Hosting offers a complete suite of backup and recovery services for all major platforms

We partner with R1 Soft backup software to give you a flexible, affordable and high quality backup and recovery control system that takes care of everything from configuration an tracking to implementation. Fast, easy to use and reliable – with our web hosting service, you can edit, manage and monitor your website like a pro and create backups on the server in minutes to ensure security of your data at all times.

With our backup and recovery services in place, you can maintain continuous data protection and get access to flexible data recovery and online data replication advantages on multiple platforms and domains.

Swift Results

Restore files and get backups made on disk with just a click! Our steady backup and recovery system causes no extra burden on your bandwidth and ensures that your performance stays streamlined and top notch even for a large number of files being backed up on a single go.


Whether you want to recover a single file or get the entire storage system backed up and running in minutes, you can count on our simple yet powerful backup and recovery modules for the convenience that you are looking for.


A dedicated infrastructure and robust architecture sets us apart in the industry and is the reason why some of the leading businesses in the country trust us for their corporate website hosting and management requirements.

Proven Results

Proven Results and Guaranteed Customer Service Trusted Across Australia

Slinky Web Hosting has established a credible repertoire in the market with the level of quality and guaranteed results we deliver. For the same reason, our services are trusted and acknowledged by hundreds of small and medium scale businesses as well as independent entrepreneurs in Australia.

Get in touch with us now to learn more about our services suite or contact us for a more detailed walkthrough of our specialised backup and recovery service solutions for our various corporate hosting packages.