Website Analytics & Reporting

Website Analytics & Reporting

Navigating the digital landscape can be a bewildering journey without the right compass. That’s where Slinky Web Design guides businesses and individuals through the maze of online performance with precision. Specializing in website analytics and reporting, we are not just about crunching numbers but about unlocking your site’s potential.

We understand that data isn’t only about graphs and percentages – it’s a story of your website’s successes, struggles, and opportunities. With tools like Google Analytics and detailed monthly SEO reports, we turn information into actionable insights. Whether it’s a mysterious bounce rate troubling you or the conversion of leads eluding your grasp, our holistic approach ensures that your site doesn’t just exist on the web – it thrives. Join us at Slinky Web Design, where we transform digital confusion into a clear path to success.

Website Analytics

Learn About Your Website SEO Traffic

Are you worried about your site’s high bounce rate? Are you wondering why the traffic generated on your website does not convert into sales? If yes, then benefit from our web analytics service now!

At Slinky Web Design, we offer comprehensive and performance-driven website analytic services to businesses and individuals that help identify issues related to high bounce rates and low conversion rates.

Our goal is to provide reliable findings and detailed site analysis to help you target loopholes and optimize your website design, which can increase sales and high ROI.

Sometimes, you may have the best website design and cannot convert the leads into sales.

We provide you with full-scale and quality measurement & analysis of internet data related to your website. Our web analysts carefully study the off-page and on-page factors affecting the performance of your website.

We use web analytics tools like Google Analytics, A/B testing and Google Insights for Search to identify potential issues and monitor and optimize your website. By using these analytic tools to their full potential, we study the behaviour of your web traffic, including how long users stay on your website before leaving, which landing pages get maximum usage, etc.

Our SEO professionals then analyze this data, and then, accordingly, we design a proper website optimization plan. We can do it all, whether it’s rewriting the website copy, tweaking the navigation, changing the shape of the call to action box, or improving title tags. From auditing your website to implementing a solid site optimization plan, we ensure that we get the best value for your money and achieve your targeted goals!

We help you every step of the way. This includes monitoring the implemented plan. Our team monitors the implemented program and evaluates the improvements by measuring your website against key performance indicators.

Monthly Reporting

Detailed SEO Reporting To Keep You In The Loop
We believe in delivering the highest quality SEO services and monthly reports to help you evaluate the results of the implemented SEO strategies.

Customer Based Approach
From the beginning till the end, we keep you updated and informed on every step of the SEO campaign implementation process, along with monthly reports. We also provide comprehensive and detailed monthly reports on the results of the implemented strategies. You can quickly evaluate the difference between the previous and currently implemented SEO plan from our monthly news.

You can assess everything from the changes in bounce rate and lead generation to the changes in search engine ranking and online visibility to the difference in click-through rates, conversion rate and sales.

Our monthly reports are detailed and measure each element of the implemented strategic SEO plan to help you quickly see our strategy’s results and performance. We also provide monthly reports on where your target keywords rank across Google.

Continuous Improvement
Through our monthly SEO reports, we can identify the areas of improvement and areas where we can improve even more. Monthly reports help our team modify and deliver even better strategies to ensure the results are even more impressive the next month and the month after. We strive for continuous improvement so that you stay ahead of the game and dominate the virtual world with a solid competitive edge.