What Can a Bathroom Teach Us About Web Design?

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This is going to seem very unintuitive to post on a web design blog, but bear with us. HowStuffWorks posted this Top 10 Mistakes in Bathroom Design, and all the way through, you can apply it to analogies in web design!

  • Web designers can identify with “Small Budget for a Big Project,” right?
  • “Improper Installation” can apply to having the wrong version of PHP installed on the server.
  • Spacing is important in web design, too. For almost the same reason.
  • “Lack of Storage” – or as the late George Carlin would say, “A place to put your stuff.” How many times have you tried to squeeze a section in as an afterthought?
  • “Thinking Short Term” – Boy, can we ever identify with websites that don’t scale with the business! How many jobs have we had where we had to come back and restructure the site to handle increased volume?
  • Trends can be dangerous in design, too. A design that’s too married to 2009 will look badly dated in 2012.
  • “Choosing the Wrong Materials” – Also known as trying to make the whole site out of Flash, trying to build a shopping cart app using only JavaScript, and trying to use tables to lay out the site.
  • Environment has us stumped. “Ignoring the culture” would be the web design equivalent – you wouldn’t design a website for a mortuary the way you’d design a website for a nightclub.
  • Inadequate lighting – Also known as “not enough contrast between text and background.”
  • Aaaaaand: “Improper Ventilation” has the web design analogue of having the page be too crowded, busy, and stuffy!

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